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Duo Performers

All Duo performers come with full PA and are live acts ( no backing tracks )

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4 oz of Groove

If you're looking for soul, groove, passionate vocals, excellent musicianship with a lot of GROOVE look no further! 4oz of Groove are a duo (and 3 piece with bass) and have a very distinctive style that they apply to the covers they play. A dynamic chemistry is very apparent between singer and guitarist, however add bass and their standard soul / rock / pop classic song repertoire can quickly turn to a live Dub / Reggae feel. The very experienced act know how to feel the room and give you that special groove you desire!!

Jade & JP

Jade Duncombe can be booked as a solo act or Duo (Jade and JP). Jade is a very popular mainstay on the midlands circuit wowing audiences with her powerful vocals. Gravely but soulful as well as bluesy with hint of country Jade can turn her hand to most styles with a wide range of classic covers covering all decades of popular music. A competent acoustic guitarist as well as vocalist on her own but add the fantastic upbeat guitar talents of JP in their duo act, and things get very interesting with their self-styled and tailored take on a more upbeat high octane show, this is an act you just cant ignore.


El Diablo

Are you ready to feel like you’re partying to sunrise? Are you in search of a duo more dynamic than Batman and Robin? Then look no further! Watch the stage be set ablaze with El Diablo’s ecstatically spiked enigmatic performances with their unique set of World Music and 90s dance mash-ups! El Diablo are ready to rock your world and own your ears into club-mission with their acoustic driven guitar and drum machine trance, dance club anthem repertoire. If you catch Luke Brougham ( solo ) on his own with his trusty guitar, he’s more than capable to bust any tune be it indie, classic rock, dance covers or Luke may make you tango to an array of Spanish, Latin and Flamenco styles...if he appears with the wrong hat on that day

Elise Roth ( Jazz Duo )

Elise Roth is available in duo format with a variation of musicians whether it be guitar or piano, a stripped down version and more intimate approach of Elise's repertoire of vintage Jazz classics might just be the perfect cherry on top to your very special event. Bookable for weddings / functions / themed events / private parties and more click the link to learn more

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