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EL Diablo

EL Diablo like putting on a show. A show that's nostalgic but also eclectic with the unexpected. A crowd pleasing acoustic driven dance act, their ever popular covers set borders on a tribute to club classic hits ranging and inspired from the late 80's to NOW. 

 The ever popular duo maybe considered a niche act? And yes if your occasion is filled with guests who know their way around Ibiza or the UK club scene in the last 30 years, sure El Diablo are going to go down well. But if niche is making at your venue Saturday night the envy of everyone of your local rival as they watch your whole venue bounce with some old school live club anthems then you might want to try Apostrophe Music's favourite couple of Outlaws..... El Diablo.

Luke from El Diablo can also be booked for solo shows ( acoustic / vocals ) playing some of El Diablo's repertoire but also mixed in with rock and indie classics.


El Diablo

Check out their promo video and you will see snippets of Seal, Chemical brothers and Faithless.

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