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Claire L Shaw

Claire L Shaw is a UK based singer-songwriter. With ties to Shropshire, The East and West Midlands, Potteries, South West and Wales her reflective and honest lyrical style and quirky melodies brings music to life in a uniquely beautiful way. 

With a distinctive voice that blends folk with undertones of soul, her honest lyrical style intertwines perfectly with simple melodies and percussion from the acoustic guitar and loop pedal

Claire is a versatile performer and from well known covers to her carefully crafted original compositions, each song she performs takes you on a journey. She covers songs throughout the ages and perfectly translates a wide range of genres from folk, pop and rock to jazz, country and blues.  

Claire's original music has been played on several radio stations and she has featured at a host of intimate festivals as well as playing regularly in venues around the country.


Claire L Shaw Promo

Songs include ' Valerie ' - Zutons ' Warwick Avenue Corner ' - Duffy ' I want you back ' - The Jackson 5 ' Naive ' The Kooks ' One last Time ' Ariana Grande

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