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Rachel Mainstone

Influenced at a very young age by the vocal talents of her Grandma, Midlands based singer song-writer Rachel Mainstone has been singing since she can remember. Drawn to music Rachel took up the trumpet and Flugelhorn and was soon a regular orchestra member in the Metropolitan Brass Band. 

 Alongside this Rachel soon became aware of the music of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and ( Stevie Nic's ) Fleetwood Mac and a love for song writers as well as Americana and American country music started to shape Rachels direction.

Blessed with a voice that no doubt would not go amiss in the deep south America country circuit, in terms of tone, range  and phrasing Rachel took it upon to learn the acoustic guitar with a clear vision of being an original singer songwriter. 

Justification for these decisions paid off when Rachel won BRMB's Unplugged competition for song writing and has also supporting the likes of Glen Hughes and Robert Plant. 

As well as a wealth of original songs Rachel is currently open for bookings for her cover sets. Rachel's set leans towards covering the music that she loves of classic and is inspired by including new and old American singer songwriters and American country. However Rachel also has a large repertoire of standard hits from the 50s to present. Either way Rachel has a distinctive voice that no doubt will caress your soul and Apostrophe Music are all too happy to offer Rachel Mainstone to you for your Event. 

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Rachel Mainstone Promo Video

' Follow Me ' ( music video ) original by Rachel Mainstone ' Steelers Wheel ' by R. Claxton ' Smokin' and Cryin' ' by Alex Roe ' Always remember us this way ' Lady Gaga ' Wonderful Tonight ' by Eric Clapton

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