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Seanne Richard Yared

Solo Saxophonist and Flutist 

Seanne Richard Yared is a Uk based professional saxophonist with over 10 years experience performing. Seanne is originally from the Philippines where he worked as a full time musician for various Hotels / functions and weddings and has recently relocated to the UK where he is available for work mainly as a solo Saxophonist and flutist with sequenced backing tracks  

With the foundation of Seanne's playing style deeply embedded in smooth, urban, acid jazz and fusion, his innovative style of performing allows him to add a fresh spin to his music. Extremely versatile, Seanne has experience playing playing alongside trios, quartets and full bands, as well as performing in tandem with a DJ, but as Seanne finds his feet in the Uk Seanne has tailored his set for solo shows with Weddings, Corporate Events and Functions in mind. 

And of course Seanne can tailor his sets to play exactly what the client requests if needed. 

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In Seanne's own words ....

Music has always been something that I've enjoyed, ever since I was a child. Becoming a saxophonist and performer has allowed me to share in the joy that music gives me, and has helped me enrich the beautiful moments in other people's' lives with songs that harken to the yesteryears, express love and devotion, as well as tingle the ears of music aficionados. 

I'd love the chance to share this music with you as well! I enjoy working closely and hand-in-hand with my clients to make sure that this little touch of music fits the theme of their events. 

Seanne Richard Yared Promo

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