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Lauren Grace


Lauren's musical journey started when she was 8 years of age when Lauren's older brother started teaching her guitar. Falling in love with the all things guitar it wasn't until Lauren was around 13 that she discovered she could sing and hasn't looked back since. At a young age playing and singing along to records with a ' until I got it right ' attitude became an addictive hobby which led Lauren to naturally seek open mic slots resulting in the experience and confidence to offer her services as a serious solo acoustic bookable singer and guitar player.

 Pretty soon Lauren found work on cruise ships, where as well as honing her skills with invaluable experience as a professional entertainer also embraced and appreciated the opportunity to travel the world at such a young age, doing what Lauren loved. Entertaining. 

 Fresh from many adventures at sea, in Laurens own words, ' now I have found my land legs again ' Apostrophe Music are extremely excited to represent Lauren Grace and hope to keep her feet firmly on land.

Likened to singers such as Alison Moyet and Amy Winehouse Lauren is available to book now. Contact us for more information




Lauren Grace sample show reel

This is a small selection of some of the songs you might expect Lauren to play live. This Promo includes snippets from videos made by Lauren and also a live WCR radio interview ( WCR FM – Wolverhampton's Local Radio station )


Acts Lauren Covers in her set

- Chaka Khan - Johnny Cash - Bob Marley - Van Morrison - Fleetwood Mac - Dusty Springfield - Thin Lizzy - The Buzzcocks - The Beatles - Tears For Fears - The Clash - The Jam - Blondie - ABBA - Cyndi Lauper - James Brown - The Cardigans - Spandau Ballet - Jimi Hendrix - Eva Cassidy - Nina Simone - Peter Gabriel - Dire Straits - Amy Winehouse - Stevie Wonder - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Tracy Chapman - David Bowie - Guns n Roses

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